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there your heart will be also.

Delivering exceptional, compassionate care for Forney’s furry and scaly residents and their families.

Opening March 2024!



We offer specialized services for tortoises, turtles, snakes, bearded dragons, and other reptiles. We strive to provide the best possible care for your treasured pet.


Dogs & Cats

We offer comprehensive care for your furry companion. We are proponents of prevention to ensure your pet enjoys a healthy, happy, and vibrant life.


Pocket Pets

We offer a range of veterinary services for pocket pets, such as hamsters, guinea pigs, rabbits, and more. You can count on us for the highest standard of care.

Veterinary care with a heart

Serving Forney, TX, and the surrounding communities.

Welcome to Treasured Pets Veterinary Hospital, where your cherished scaly and furry pets are always treated like family. Dr. Blaylock and our compassionate team are dedicated to providing top-tier services for dogs, cats, reptiles, and pocket pets. Our focus lies in creating a fear-free environment, ensuring every visit is as calm and positive as possible for both you and your beloved companion.

At Treasured Pets Veterinary Hospital, we are more than a veterinary practice. We are a community of animal lovers dedicated to your pet’s health and happiness. Our team is committed to staying current on the latest veterinary treatments and innovations, ensuring your pet receives the best possible care.

Join us at Treasured Pets Veterinary Hospital, where you can always expect the loving care your treasured companions deserve. Our practice is a place of healing, a place of care, a place where heart and science come together to bring you exceptional veterinary services. Together, we will ensure your pet enjoys a healthy, vibrant life. We look forward to welcoming you into our family!

Get To Know Dr. Stacy Blaylock

Meet Dr. Blaylock, the heart behind Treasured Pets Veterinary Hospital. Our experienced veterinarian brings skill, compassion, and dedication to the care of your beloved pets. Dr. Blaylock has a deep love for animals and a commitment to veterinary excellence, making her a trusted provider of comprehensive veterinary services to your furry, scaly, and pocket-sized family members. She is particularly passionate about preventive care, emphasizing its importance in ensuring long-term health and happiness for all pets. You can always count on our compassionate provider for exceptional care with a gentle touch. We invite you to read more about Dr. Blaylock and the passion and experience she brings to veterinary care.


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Our Comprehensive Veterinary Services

Serving Forney, TX & Surrounding Areas

We are pleased to offer comprehensive veterinary services to pets in Forney, TX, and the surrounding communities. From preventive care to in-house diagnostics, soft-tissue surgery, and exotic animal care, we’ve got you covered. You can always count on Dr. Blaylock and her team for exceptional, compassionate care!

Real Stories from Real Owners

Check out the heartwarming testimonials of fellow pet parents. Each story is a testament to the loving care we provide and reflects on the strong bonds we’ve built with our pet patients and their families. We also invite you to share your story with others to inspire, inform, and contribute to our growing community of dedicated pet owners.

Dr Blaylock was amazing. She calmed our dog down and showed genuine concern for his well-being and gave us multiple options and prices to help him feel better. We’re so glad we took our fur baby to see her.

I’ve been a patient of Dr Blaylock for over 7 years and have followed her from practice to practice. I love the way she treats and really get to know my family and appreciate her honest opinions, diagnosis, and patient/chair side manners. Also, the staff is super friendly and try to converse with the patients at the waiting room. I love I am able to go back with the pets and see everything happening during my check-up. Happy to have switched over to them and even more happy to see Dr. Blaylock again. Thank you for all you do for my family.

I want to thank Miss Dr. Blaylock for helping my ferret, she did an awesome job of caring for Buster. Dr. Blaylock, I thank you from the bottom of my heart Buster is doing great and gaining weight, and Daddy is no longer giving him sweets, only meat. I’ve bought high-protein canned cat food and both my ferrets LOVE IT

Dr. Blaylock has been taking care of weekly bandage changes for my girl who had orthopedic surgery elsewhere and her personality and the time she takes to answer questions and talk are so much appreciated!

Dr. Blaylock and her staff are thorough and compassionate with the care of our pets, and we trust them completely. Highly recommend!

They took good care of my old girl in a timely and affordable fashion. Dr. Blaylock was great and the staff in front and back are great! 5/5 recommend.

Always a positive experience… Dr. Blaylock and her staff are thorough and compassionate with the care of our pets, and we trust them completely. Highly recommend!

Each visit, Dr Blaylock came in, greeted me and sat down on the floor and held my 14-year-old Wheaton Terrier while she asked questions and examined our sweet dog.

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